We are moving to online delivery of education courses

Dear Activist

I hope you are keeping well and safe during these extremely challenging times. The coronavirus crisis has meant the Union is having to adapt quickly to continue supporting our members and activists to the same high standards, but in different and innovative ways.

To keep you and our employees’ safe, Unite Education is moving in the short term, to online delivery. From now until December 2020 we are moving our courses into virtual classrooms; training will take place using the video conferencing software that lockdown has made us all very familiar with.

We will be sending out the dates for the core programme from September to December separately.  These will continue to be delivered over 5 days and you will need to secure paid release to complete these courses. Those that have had their courses cancelled will take first priority on these.

We are offering some short 2/3 day courses for July and August, specifically tailored to help activists deal with workplace issues surrounding the current Covid-19 crisis, the dates and subjects are below. Courses will be a mix of on-line and off-line activities and will be delivered during the week from 9.30am - 4.30pm using Zoom. The amount of time spent on-line will be different for each course. You will still be required to secure paid release from your employer. Contact your full time officer if you experience difficulties securing paid release.

These courses are open to all our reps and do not require you to have advanced IT skills, you will receive pre-course help to familiarise yourself with online learning. To undertake any of these courses you will need access to a PC, laptop or tablet and an internet connection. 

To apply please contact us by email with your name and membership number detailing which course and date you wish to book. Email: education.westmids@unitetheunion.org or telephone 0121-647-4797.


In Solidarity

Lesley Hoo

Regional Education Officer

2020/2021 Courses